with full power shifting through up to twelve forward speeds, allow you to design equipment that is more productive, offers precise load matching and gives better fuel and time efficiency.

Up to 142 kW (up to 190 hp)
4, and 8 speeds forward-4 speeds reverse engine.

DF 250 Series
Up to 224 kW (up to 3000 hp)
4, 8 and 12 speeds forward-4 speeds reverse engine.

1700 Series
Up to 93 kW (up to 125 hp)
3 and 4 speeds- forward reverse long drop engine.

2000 Series
Up to 168 kW (up to 225 hp)
3, 4 and 6 speeds forward-3 speeds reverse short and long drop engine.

4000 Series
37-75 kW (50-100 hp)
3 speeds-forward and reverse short, mid and long drop engine.

FUNK pump drives are designed on a modular concept.  This allows you the flexibility of applying FUNK drives to numerous design needs.

61000 SERIES
This series contains eight models of small, high performance, double and triple pump drives, 481 Nm (355 lb.-ft) (max.) input torque.
28000 SERIES
Single, double and triple hydraulic pump drives.  Quiet, Efficient spur-type gears with a wide choice of ratios.  Up to 881 Nm (650 lb.-ft) (max.) input torque.
59000 SERIES
This series is capable of driving 2, 3 or 4 hydraulic pumps from a single unit.  Up to 1694 Nm (1,250 lb.-ft) (max.) input torque.
56000 SERIES
For bigger horsepower applications.  Provides 2, 3 4or 5 pump drives with up to 2710 Nm (2,000 lb.-ft) (max.) input torque.

FUNK HMD transmissions extend the speed ratio range of the entire hydraulic system.  For heavy loads at low speeds, the HMD transmissions supply greater torque than can be obtain from the hydraulic system alone.

HMD 23000
3 and 4 speeds
HS 17000
2 speed
HMD 33000
4 speed
HMD 12700
4 speed

FUNK offers a wide selection of planetary gear drives to meet the needs of your design.  The FUNK tradition of quality engineering and manufacturing is found in each planetary drive we produce.



































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